Kaleb Michaels is helping his neighbor move some large rocks for a project; but while he’s moving them he realizes that he’s alone, out in nature and wants to have a little play time. Kaleb rips off his shirt and begins rubbing his chest in the warmth of the sun. […]

BadPuppy – Kaleb Michaels

David Dornan wanted some alone time so he went for a walk in the woods. Realizing he is totally alone David stops in a cool, shady spot and decides it’s time for some personal play time. David slowly strips off his shirt revealing a lean, trim young body and as […]

BadPuppy – David Dornan

31 year old nutritionist Dan Morouz is definitely into working out and body sculpting. He has never been shy and getting in front of the camera has always been something he wanted to do. After a brief interview, Dan stands up and pulls his shirt over his head revealing the […]

BadPuppy – Dan Morouz

Muscle stud Kamil Apolon stopped by to let us know that he loves being in front of the camera and would like to do a solo video for you guys. While a little nervous at first, Kamil slowly and shyly slips off his shirt; showing us his well-developed chest. As […]

BadPuppy – Kamil Apolon

28 year old Martin Dudas thought that getting in front of the camera would be scary; but, when he stopped by a couple of weeks ago he said that he thought he would like to try. Martin lies back on the bed and nervously, at first, he begins massaging his […]

BadPuppy – Martin Dudas

Kneeling on the bed, we find Marek Polan, rubbing his chest thru his shirt and posing his muscles for the camera. Slowly slipping his hands under his shirt, exposing his lean tummy, Marek teases us with each pull of his shirt until he completely rips it off and throws it […]

BadPuppy – Marek Polan