Lean and athletic Martin Riggely dropped into the chair and immediately started removing his shirt and rubbing his chest. He was thinking about the hot soccer stud he just met on the subway and was ready for a little relief by the time he got home. Martin’s shirt hits the […]

BadPuppy – Martin Riggely

Lucas Preston is a young athletic young man and always wanted to pose for the camera or do a video. Today he got the chance and boy, what a cutie he is. Lucas first slips out of his shirt revealing a lean, taunt chest that looks like he definitely plays […]

BadPuppy – Lucas Preston

Vic Tapert just got back from the pool and was relaxing on the sofa before his friends arrived. As he is sitting there, Vic begins rubbing his chest thru his shirt and his legs thru his swim trunks. As the subject matter begins to stiffen Vic lifts his shirt over […]

BadPuppy – Vic Tapert

Sitting in the sun Martin Corvin was relaxing on the sofa soaking up the warmth. As the sun began warming his chest Martin hands began warming up other areas of his body. With one hand he gently caresses his own lean and ripped chest and with the other he begins […]

BadPuppy – Martin Corvin

Hunky Erik Haaz is a tall drink of water who always enjoys showing off for the camera. After a short interview, Erik strips down and does a little posing for us showing off his lean, muscular body. When he is finished giving us a close inspection of his muscular form […]

BadPuppy – Erik Haaz

Kaleb Michaels is helping his neighbor move some large rocks for a project; but while he’s moving them he realizes that he’s alone, out in nature and wants to have a little play time. Kaleb rips off his shirt and begins rubbing his chest in the warmth of the sun. […]

BadPuppy – Kaleb Michaels

David Dornan wanted some alone time so he went for a walk in the woods. Realizing he is totally alone David stops in a cool, shady spot and decides it’s time for some personal play time. David slowly strips off his shirt revealing a lean, trim young body and as […]

BadPuppy – David Dornan